Jul 2015

Fiberglass Outdoor & Indoor Sculptures

Fiberglass is the new material  of this new line represented by UZCA!  It was chosen  for its designs, lightness and versatile : it can be translucent, dark or white, colored by clays or fire painted, it suits indoors but also outdoors as it is resistant rain and sunlight. Each piece is made from a mold, then sanded, painted and polished by hand. This meticulous and precise attention makes every single work unique and peculiar. 

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Jan 2015

Il Loft Sofas

II Loft sofas offers a wide range of eclectic, high living upholsters and fabric in II Loft furniture selections. Everything from simple, but elegant designs in the Alicante model to the vibrant and interactive Wings collection, the II Loft Collection accommodates all aesthetic tastes. This series of sofas, acclaimed for the best arrangement in casual and two-tone fabric, accentuates all households, from bachelor pad to family settings. II Loft sofas include modern sectionals, loft chairs, and recliner sofas with the utmost quality. The Delta and Galaxy collections are sure to inspire a profound feeling of innovation and unmatched passion for décor.  

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Dec 2014

Il Loft Furniture

Il Loft has been elevated as a sanctuary of stylishness and sophistication coupled with novelty. The brand carries the inimitable draughts of Giorgio Saporiti as well as being designed and manufactured in Italy. In a unique process that cannot be replicated by any other company, Il Loft carries proprietary properties because of the inventor who fuels the collections for the company.  

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Nov 2014

Il Loft Furniture By Giorgio Saporiti

Different designers have distinctive sources of inspiration that help them with their designs. For Giorgio Saporiti, his inspiration has always been the vibrancies of colors. His inspiring color palettes mixed with the monogrammed style that is created specifically for each client is what makes his designs and collections unique. Understanding the symmetry between functionality, comfort and design, Giorgio Saporiti delivers new trends and creative concepts that cannot be rivaled. 

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